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ASTM D6804-19 pdf free download.Standard Guide for Hand Hole Design in Corrugated Boxes.
ASTM D6804 provides guidelines for designing pre-cut apertures intended for use as hand holes in corrugated boxes during manual handling of boxed cargo.
Limitations-This standard offers guidance for package development and for subsequent testing of boxes to measure performance. It is not intended to provide specific information on the design of hand holes.
The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as the standard. The SI units are for information only.
4.Significance and Use
4.1 It may be desirable at times to provide hand holes in corrugated boxes.Package designers use hand holes to solve ergonomic and handling problems associated with large or awkward containers.This guide provides an aid for proper hand hole design and use.
4.1.1 Boxes for handling by a single person.
4.1.2 Boxes that are too large or awkward to be handled well by a single person (4.4.1).
4.2 Ergonomics:
4.2.1 In studying and applying ergonomic principles,of primary concern is the need to provide a safe work environment for material handlers who may be required to lift or transport packages.A safe work environment is difficult to define and varies with the package in question.Several ergonomic safety issues involve repetitive motions and spine loading in the lifting process.Other issues involve finger and foot protection.
4.2.2 In distribution centers or warehouses,low back disorders have been identified as areas of elevated risk.

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